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Eclipse Phase Montage

Started by A.S.I.G.N_Baz, Jun 16, 2011, 06:30:13

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Here's my completed montage from this morning's eclipse and a widefield, just before the clouds finished it off for good.


Tony G

Nice widefield Baz. ;)

Tony G

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According to the London Evening Standard, the reddened totally-eclipsed full moon was seen in New York yesterday.


Methinks it was red because a rising moon is always red!  It rose in NY long after the eclipse ended.


Thanks Tony. Yes Mark, an eclipsed moon is always red, but usually a more rusty orange than a deep red. This one was a little darker as it was so far into the earth's shadow, (100 minutes) and there is a fair bit of fine volcano ash circulating in the upper atmosphere, depending on where you live.

I must have been pretty tired processing this today because after a sleep this afternoon, I looked at it and went, "UGH!! The colour was RED not BROWN!!!"

So, I reprocessed it and used rulers to line-up the images.

Yep. Looks much better!



Quote from: MarkS on Jun 16, 2011, 11:51:35......... the reddened totally-eclipsed full moon was seen in New York yesterday.

It might be me but doesn't the moon look rather big. If the fore ground is a print-in what does this say about the rest of the image?

Nice image Baz, streets ahead of the press offering
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