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Mozilla firefox
« on: Aug 28, 2013, 16:59:59 »
As my desktop PC is pretty old I keep getting messages that the browser I am using is outdated and will soon no longer be supported.  I have tried updating it but it tells me then I am using the latest version for windows XP (IE8).  I don't want to update the desktop as it has lots of storage, works well and will hang on to it so long as it does so. 

Previously tried using Google Chrome but doesn't seem to work on this old machine I just get a sad face icon  :(.

So I decided to install Mozilla Firefox.

I don't really need much help on this as it seems to be working well, but just finding the equivalent to Favourites rather different to the way it is done in Internet explorer.

Currently using Bookmarks, and this has imported all my favourites over, but trying to organise them and group things into folders seems very "round the houses" and wonder if I am missing something.  

Any hints?