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Started by Carole, Jun 15, 2014, 17:51:43

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Has there been some sort of update as I was asked to login - I never normally logout and now I can't see show unread posts since last visit.

How do I switch them back on again?

Have had a hunt but can't seem to find anything.



Something clear out all your cookies, perhaps?

Once you've logged in and marked messages as read you should start seeing un-read ones marked again.

I highly recommend occasionally making use of the "Mark ALL messages as read" function down bottom right of the forum home page. It'll clean up the tables of read and unread messages.


NO I haven't cleared out my cookies.
I am getting new ones marked, but the layout is now different and I don;t seem to have the "show all messages not read since last login option like I used to.

I remember you telling Mick once how to switch this on.  I always had it before but now I don;t and can't find how to do it.



Ah, found it, I had to click the + box top right of screen in the same bar as my name.





Ah, yes, there are several little "+" and "-" buttons that show and hide parts of pages.