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Update date stamp on website

Started by Mike, Jun 24, 2002, 18:08:00

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The Society Website has been updated recently, but the date at the top of the page still says it was updated on the 28th May. Is this an oversight or is the date relevant to something else ?

I usually use this date to check if anything has changed on the website. If the date on the home page has changed then I have a look around to see what has changed, otherwise I don't bother.
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The dates on pages are the date that page was last updated, and it gets put there manually. I missed the index.html one on Friday, but it has now been fixed and will get sorted on the next upload. Though the index.html page does usually get updated each time another page is updated (because it contains links and related text for them) there's no guarantee that it will get updated every time the site changes.

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