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New members logging into the forum

Started by Sue, Sep 27, 2002, 23:24:00

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I helped Gladys register this morning but was unable to log her onto the forum.  We submitted her name and asked for the password to be kept for 30 days. Then when back on the first page clicked loggon and the empty form came up.We repeated the process several times.
Can anyone help please? May this problem be why we haven't heard from Joe? Brian made a comment yesterday about managing to 'post onto the forum at last'. He signed up weeks ago. Is there something in the set up folk are missing?


The persistent login uses cookies, in theory. I've found the login usually lasts for as long as I have the window open, but the keep-for-30-days bit isn't reliable for some reason. I end up giving my name and password every time...


If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows system, you may see a small icon with an eye on it at the bottom of the browser. If so, right click on this and then click on the cookies for the forum, telling the browser to accept them. It should be fine after that.
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Thanks Mike.
I think a box came up while we were registering regarding cookies - I have a feeling we may have clicked no rather than yes! Will pass this on.

Rick, I have found if I don't Logout when I leave the forum  then my password is kept for a month and I am automatically connected with the blue screen option each time.