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Bright alpha Capricornid last night...

Started by Rick, Jul 26, 2023, 08:27:28

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7 fireballs in 1 night

Some big meteor showers can fizzle while some small ones can roar! That's the unpredictable nature of meteor showers. Mid-July kicks off a busy meteor season in the Northern Hemisphere. The Perseids and the Southern Delta Aquariids are the main sources of this activity. The Alpha Capricornids are a minor source of meteors, which peak during the last week of July, usually producing no more than five meteors per hour at best. But on the night of July 25-26, 2023, this meteor shower put on a blazing show.

More: https://earthsky.org/space/7-fireballs-in-1-night-capricornids/

This report's from the USA, and they may well have caught a brief outburst of activity. In the UK there were quite a few meteors but not so many bright ones...