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Bright meteor over the Thames Estuary, 2023 July 22nd 00:12:40 UTC

Started by Rick, Jul 22, 2023, 19:28:02

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A very fast bright meteor was recorded by three UK-based FRIPON cameras and a number of Global Meteor Network cameras at about 00:12:40 UTC in the early hours of 22nd July 2023.

The initial FRIPON report is here: https://fireball.fripon.org/displaymultiple.php?id=20511

The GMN UKmon analysis is still being refined. The object came in very fast and at a shallow angle. Preliminary analysis of GMN data shows it to have been a Mag -2 sporadic traveling retrograde at 70.4km/s. The track started over the North Sea just west of Den Haag and ended somewhere near Hither Green. The track length was 250km, its highest height 127 km, and its lowest height 94km.

Anyone see it?


Additional analysis of images from over the sea extended the path over the Netherlands, but didn't change the orbit much. The earlier analysis is here: https://archive.ukmeteors.co.uk/reports/2023/orbits/202307/20230722/20230722_001237.902_UK/index.html

I've not seen the detailed later analysis.