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Catch up - Sh2-82, Sh2-86 and Sh2-100 - Ha and OSC

Started by Roberto, Jul 03, 2022, 16:40:52

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Hello All,

A few images acquired in May, June and early July. Usual tandem setup.  All in nautical twilight which seems to support the OSC camera and Ha for luminance if the exposures are kept short for colour.

Sh2-82 - The Little Cocoon/Trifid Nebula - HaRHaGB


Astrodon 5 nm Narrowband H-alpha: 22x1200" (7h 20') bin 1x1
ZWO OSC: 98x300" (8h 10') bin 1x1

Sh2-86 - Little Elephant Trunk in Vulpecula - HaRHaGB - 2x1 mosaic


OSC:  154x300" (12h 50') bin 1x1
Astrodon 5 nm Narrowband H-alpha: 39x1200" (13h) bin 1x1

Sh2-99, Sh2-100, NGC6857 in Cygnus - HaRHaGB


OSC:  69x300" (5h 45') bin 1x1
Astrodon 5 nm Narrowband H-alpha: 16x1200" (5h 20') bin 1x1



Lovely images Roberto.  Such dedication. 
I always thought that Sh2-86 was NGC6820



Thank you Carole!  NGC6820 is indeed within Sh2-86; it's the small reflection nebula (looks yellowish) towards the bottom right.  The Astrobin link shows its location if you hover over the image.