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Sunny Saturday morning - 14 May 2022 - WL, CaK and Ha

Started by Roberto, May 15, 2022, 17:33:50

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Hello All

What a contrast in the weather this weekend.  I'm glad I managed to capture some solar shots on Saturday morning which I attach below.

Each full disc made up of 6 panels taken with the 94mm f/7 refractor working at 2390mm EFL.  WL using Baader Herschel Wedge, CaK using Lunt B1800 module and Ha using double-stacked Coronado SM60 front mounted etalons.
Best 175 out of 3000 frames' videos.  Exposures varying from 0.415ms to 1.29ms to 2.21ms for CaK, WL and Ha.  130fps on average.




Close up shots of AR3007 using CaK, Ha and WL filters.  CaK and Ha taken using 94mm f/7 refractor at some 2500mm EFL.   WL taken using 10" f/20 Maksutov at 6250mm EFL.

Ha animation made up of 74 frames - each 150 out of 1500 frame videos - taken over 1hr between 11am and 12m.




Great images Roberto, crikey, you do so many images at a time you could do with your own images presentation Ha ha.



Thank you Carole! Not expecting you to have to show them all!  I think the looping animation of a few days ago may be of interest.



I think the composite image is particularly effective. :)