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SH2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula

Started by The Thing, Sep 20, 2021, 11:42:10

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The Thing

I've redone the last 3 steps of processing, no Dark Structure Enhance or SCNR (green removal). I also reduced the saturation to a more 'natural' level (at least for me). The dust element is now more prominent.

Might have overdone the Dark Structure Enhance script in Pixinsight, but it adds drama :)
107x240s, Gain 120, Offset 4, Temp -5C

Image date, time and location: 2021-09-01+05, Manche France
Telescope aperture and focal ratio: TS1506 f4 Newtonian with TS-Optics GPU superflat 2" Coma Correktor
Camera and filters used: ZWO ASI294MC Pro, Optolong lEnhance tri-band filter
Processing applied: Pixinsight, Gimp (for those who like puzzles, details ABE_EZdcn_dnse_sftstr_strred_DSE_HT_SCNR50_GIMP)

Cloudy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Gallic shrug :))


"Might have overdone the Dark Structure Enhance script" :o  It needs to be used with subtlety  8)

If the dark areas go too black then it's probably overdone.