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Rose's Facebook account appears to be hacked

Started by Ivor, Jan 13, 2021, 10:26:30

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Hi All,

I hope I find you all well and keeping out of trouble. I was a little surprised to get an invite from Rose on Facebook last night and even more surprised to discover she has received a grant of $350,000!

I've strung the scammer along for a while however work beckons, please can someone let Doug/Rose know her account has been hacked as I don't have direct contact details for them.


Actually on closer inspection it looks like a clone of her account, I saw Doug was a friend and assumed it was her main account.



Hi Ivor,

I've just had a look on Rose's Facebook pages and I can't see a problem.



If you search Doug's friends you'll see two accounts for Rose, one only has a few friends.


     Rose has hopefully dealt with the problem now ... we are keeping fingers crossed.

     Doug. (with the proper Rose)  :D
Always look on the bright side of life ...