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Gallery request for Klitos

Started by Carole, Nov 22, 2018, 22:48:31

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Hi Klitos,

Would it be possible to make the Gallery work so we can change the image on the gallery by editing it.  Currently we only have the option of editing the text, or deleting the file which means if you want to replace the image with a better version, you have to delete the file and re-type all the text in again.

Hope that makes sense.


The Thing

I asked Rick this a few years ago and the answer was 'Computer says no'. But you can always ask :) It would save a lot of unnecessary versions of images and retyping of the same metadata (which I think is important for future browsers of the gallery.
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Hopefully Klitos will pick up this message.



Image-hosting sites have servers and software tailored to make on-line editing practical. That kind of customisation costs money, and is not something we can do with the server the OAS uses at present. Our web server is not up to doing image editing, and the kind of editing it could offer would be very basic even if it had the resources to work properly (which it doesn't).

You really are way way way way way better off doing your editing on your local machine.


I don't want to Edit the image, but replace it with another (already edited on my own laptop).  I don't know whether my term Edit has confused.



Hi Carole,

I had a brief chat with Rick about this. Unfortunately it is still the case that our gallery software doesn't support changing the picture without removing and re-adding the whole post. I think you can edit the descriptions of several images at once, which should make copying descriptions from one to the next not too tedious. The long-term answer would probably involve a change of gallery software, which would be non-trivial.