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OCCULTATION OF TYC 1286-00191-1 BY (638) MOIRA Jan Manek, Czech Republic, has drawn attention to the predicted occultation of the star TYC 1286-00191-1 by (638) Moira on Thursday morning, 2004 September 16 (04.24-04.40UT).

The latest path runs over southern Ireland (approx 04h30UT) and England (approx 04h30.6 UT), Northern Netherlands (~04:31.5 UT) and Northern Germany in twilight around 04h31.9 UT. As usual please start observations early to familiarise yourself with the star field.

The star, of magnitude 8.8v in Taurus, is located at:
RA 05h 07m 58.126s DEC +16 58' 47.09" (2000). The predicted magnitude of this 68km diameter asteroid is 15.9 although, of course, it is not necessary to detect the asteroid to record the event.

The maximum duration is 6.2 seconds with a predicted magnitude drop of 7.1.

Further details of this event and links to charts of the track and also of the telescope field can be found at:

Guy M Hurst