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Google Earth light pollution map - France/SE England

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Last month (Dec 2011) Frederic Tapissier released his newly updated light pollution map for France.  A great resource for anyone thinking of going imaging in France ;-)

It also covers SE England and best of all, it works in Google Earth.

Quick preview here:

To use it you need Google Earth installed and then pick up the "kmz" file referenced here.


has anyone been to that Norwood Farm yet?


I camped there one weekend.  Very dark sky but the toilet block had very bright lights which intruded over the whole site.

The lights will be switched off for the Dymchurch Star Party in April, so it ought to be pretty good.


There is another downside to Norwood Farm, there's a miserable git about 1.5 miles SE that has laser pointers and a box of khoom fayes  :twisted:

Note to self:  Order another 2 boxes of khoom fayes  :angel:


I've just found that he has a map covering the whole UK:

The map is created using an algorithm.  However, he does admit that the light pollution for some smaller villages is not always assigned correctly to source - in other words the light from some smaller villages does not appear even though it should.


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