Author Topic: Upload your raws and post here! (well, if you want to anyway)  (Read 417 times)

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Hi All, inspired by seeing Noel Carboni's re-process of John's M45 I thought it might be a good idea for us to try processing other peoples images, that way we can see what the other person does better / worse than we can do and learn from it, I've already done this with Robert and my M31 image, and I learnt a lot from the image he sent me back, it allows you to look at your data from a different point of view and learn from it.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling im posting my M16 raw data which I think has got some decent stuff in there to tease out.

here's a closeup of my best attempts with this data This was using RRGB :-

And here's the raw data if anyone wants to have a play,

PS, John, no pressure, but I'd love to have a crack at your M45 to see how much star colour I can retain in the image, would be a great yardstick to measure how far I have to go yet!

Oh, i should probably mention you can use rapidshare to upload images up to 200mb

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