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Gallery sbmissions please ;)
« on: Oct 28, 2003, 19:14:00 »
Please submit images by email, providing  information about the image as shown below. (Replace the "text" with appropriate information (but without quote marks).)
Code: [Select]

Subject: Gallery submission

File: "Name of file"
Title: "A short title for the image"
By: "Your name"
Date: "The date (and time) the image was taken"
Description: "A reasonable description of the image, which may go on to
 several lines, or even a few paragraphs."
Tech: "Technical details about how the image was made. This may also be
 quite long, if you like"

Please provide at least File: Title: By: and Description:, but Date: and Tech: are nice to have too.

Attach a copy of your image, which should be in PNG (.png), JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) format, and no bigger than 670x670 pixels. Please give it a meaningful name, preferably starting with your initials, ending with the appropriate suffix (lower-case) and without any imbedded blank spaces.

Optionally attach a thumbnail image to go with your picture. This must be exactly 95x95. It could be a reduced version of the main picture, or a region cropped from it, or some combination of reduction and cropping. Use the same format as the main image. If you don't send one then I'll cook up something I think looks OK.

The copyright of your image remains with you, but by submitting it to the OAS Gallery, we assume you are giving us permission to use it on the OAS websites.

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