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Mission for Canon EOS 400D owners

Started by A.S.I.G.N_Baz, Jul 16, 2008, 12:55:06

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Hi all,

I have a special mission for anyone with a Canon EOS 400D (AKA Rebel)DSLR and a standard 18-55 Lens.

I am writing an article on light pollution.

All I need is a photo from the capital cities listed below.
I will choose from several submissions if anyone is interested.

Please PM me with your interest and I will provide image capture parameters.

I will publish the link address to the completed article on the forums, with image credits listed for those chosen.

Cities in random order:

New York
New Delhi
Buenos Aires
Wellington (NZ)
Abu Dhabi
Washington D.C.




Due to the lack of response, I have decided to do away with this list of cities. I will take entries from any large city in the world.

I'm not sure why I have has so little interest. So far only one person has actually delivered a photo. I feel the subject of light pollution is likely to be something near and dear to all astronomers/astrophotographers hearts.

Anyway, the offer still stands, if you want to help out, please PM me and I will provide image capture details so you can snap a bit of your night sky and send it to me.

Remember- in an effor to control the different sensitivities of sensors, Canon EOS 400D's only.

Looking forward to your efforts,


Tony G

Hi Baz,

I don't know if you had any response from here, but the problem may be that there are a lot of Canon's which people are imaging with, (and even modifying), but they only seems to be 300D and 350D, and if you had asked for images from these you may have been inundated with images left, right and centre.
Maybe if you drop your standards for us paupers  ;), you may get more replies.

Good luck with the rest of the world. :D

Tony G
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I echo Tony's comments.

I, for one, would be very happy to help and light pollution is definitely an important topic to me (though probably a lost cause here in London!).  But I don't personally have a 400D and can I honestly say I don't know anybody who owns one! 

In fact 400D received negative reviews for astronomical purposes (search for Christain Buil's review for example) so I guess it never became popular in that community - maybe that is part of the problem.

But I lose count of friends (especially amongst the astronomical community) who use the 300D, the 350D both modified and unmodified. 



I confess, I bought a 400D before I found out that they're not as good as the 300/350  :oops:

When the cloud pollution lightens up, I'll bang off some light pollution pics.
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sorry only got 300d else I'd be pleased to help out..... John


Thanks for the scoop folks.

I am a member of many forums in many countries. I am also very patient. The 400D is very popular in a lot of countries and it will be an older camera like the 300 and 350 soon enough.

It's cool, I am starting to get some responses now. If yo do know anyone who has a 400D, please refer them to me if they are willing to have their name in lights!