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Eastern Veil and Bat Nebula HOO

Started by JohnDeathridge, Nov 11, 2023, 11:22:41

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Hello all, missed the boat for last month so uploaded my image taken over several nights in October. 13 hrs in total processed HOO from the Optolong L-Ultimate dual-3nm filter H-Alpha (red) and OIII (green-blue) which I must say does a great job of blocking moon light.

Tried my new scope out for 1st time and being an flat-field Astrograph easier to focus.


That's lovely John, You're still having trouble uploading images, so I have done it for you.

You say you tried a new scope out, is this an Astrograph?  If so what Model.


Hi Carole sorry about that its an Askar 107PHq the nice thing is that it has a longer focal length than heavier and longer doublet and APO refractors as you do not need the flattener. Its also a little cheaper than  lets say the William Optics and on a par price wise with the sky-watcher.


Wow, l see you are going down the financial rabbit hole that is Astrophotography. 

Dave A


Excellent shot and framing John  8)