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Lion Nebula Sh2-132 combined data from 2018 and 2023

Started by Carole, Nov 03, 2023, 14:57:52

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I decided to combine my recent data with data taken in 2018 which was done only in HOO.
with the differing orientations this necessitated a smaller image.

2018 Ha 2h 50mins in both 900secs and 600 secs with WO ZS71
2018 Oiii 15 x 600secs

2023 Ha 31 x 600secs
2023 Oiii 14 x 300 ninned x 2
2023 Sii 14 x 300 binned x 2

Atik460EX and WOZS71 in 2018 as HOO
Atik460EX and SWED72 in a dual rig in 2023 as SHO

Total imaging time 12 hours 50 mins.



Great photo Carol love the depth and colours.