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Praying Ghost VDB141

Started by Carole, Oct 31, 2023, 14:25:41

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I took this in 2022 at both Kelling Heath (1 hours Lum) and Notgrove 50 mins RGB = very little data due to poor weather at both locations.

With other projects I have going on it didn't look as though I was going to be able to add to it in the near future, so I decided to use some data from 2013 which I took in Les Granges, but it was a much wider field of View, and combine to help reduce the noise.

Mixture of kit.
2013 4 hours 50mins LRGB
2022 1 hour 50mins LRGB

total imaging time now is 6h 40mins

The Thing

Looking very nice Carole, you are good at long term imaging projects.


Thanks Duncan. 

Quoteyou are good at long term imaging projects.
Needs must. Never by planning just a desire to improve what l have, often necessary due to inability to get to dark clear skies at the right time.

It was very disappointing to go to two astro camps for a week each and only get 1hr 50mins in total imaging time on this target it was the only target l imaged so total imaging time in two separate weeks!!!! 


Dave A

Nice image Carole
Just right for Halloween


QuoteJust right for Halloween

Absolutely, hadn't thought of that. 


Love the photo Carol