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Witch Head Nebula IC2118 (WIP)

Started by Carole, Oct 16, 2023, 17:05:27

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As stated this is a work in progress.  Been wanting to get this for some time, but getting to dark skies in the winter is difficult, camp sites usually cold and muddy.

Can't do it from home for obvious reasons of LP plus I have a dirty great tree from next door obscuring it for about 2 hours of the 4 that it is visible. 

So waited until about 2am for this bit.  Plan is to try to get some Ha and some more RGB from home as that hopefully I might be able to get away with, and try to get to a dark site again for some more lum  though when that will be I have no idea.  Maybe some-one with darker skies will take pity on me, lol.  But pleased to have got this far.  I think Ha will make a big difference. 

So this is only 1h 40mins lum and the same RGB. 
So 3 hours 40mins in total.

Difficult to tame Rigel as huge even in the individual subs.  Perhaps I need to take some shorter subs and combine.

OK so I had another "go" at trying to tame Rigel by using the RGB instead of Lum just for the star, and I think that has helped quite a bit.


Carole this is a very difficult object from our latitude - in fact, I've never been brave enough to try it!.  I prefer the first version although both look a bit soft to me.  It's difficult to keep Rigel tamed.  You did very well.



Thanks Roberto.  It probably looks a bit soft due to being little data and noise reduction. Hopefully l can get some more data at some point.