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NGC 660

Started by The Thing, Oct 11, 2023, 09:58:53

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The Thing

Taking advantage of the tiny field of view of this Classic Cassegrain I've image a series of tiny objects. NGC 660 is a peculiar and unique polar-ring galaxy located approximately 45 million light-years from Earth in Pisces.

From Wikipedia
Constellation:   Pisces
Right ascension:   01h 43m 02.4s [1]
Declination:   +13° 38′ 42″ [1]
Redshift:   0.002842 [2]
Apparent magnitude (V):   12.0
Type:   SB(s)a pec[1] / Polar-ring galaxy
Apparent size (V):   2.710 × 0.840 arcmin[2]
Other designations
NGC 660,[2] PGC 6318,[1] LEDA 6318,[2] UGC 1201[2]

120s x 78 Light frames = 2h36m Gain 1601, Offset 30, Temp 0C

Image date, time and location:   2023-10-08, Manche, France
Telescope aperture and focal ratio:   Teleskop Service Classic Cassegrain 2463mm f12
Camera and filters used:   ZWO ASI294MC Pro, Revelation 1.25" UVIR
Processing applied:   Pixinsight (BlurExterminator and NoiseExterminator), Affinity Photo 2.2 (Clarity and Curves with masks

Click for full size image


That looks a challenge with an F12 scope.  Can see the detail though.