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Jellyfish IC443

Started by Carole, Oct 06, 2023, 20:54:50

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I took this in 2021 when I had an Esprit 100.  Never liked the image So never posted it.  Tonight I was trawling through old data seeing if I could improve anything and found the data for this and so had another go at it.

Taken in 2021 but never posted.

Skywatcher Esprit100 & HEQ5
Taken from Bortle 8 (Home)
Ha 18 x 600
Oiii 7 x 300 binned
Sii 6 x 300 binned

Total 4h 5mins

Dave A

Lovely image Carole

The Thing

Lovely Carole, very 3d and more like the Brain Nebula!