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Gecko Nebula LBN437

Started by Carole, Sep 19, 2023, 13:42:36

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This is my second image from DSC, taken with the Samyang lens 135mm @ f2.8
I took this while I was waiting for Taurus to rise for my other target having imaged it previously from home, and wanted to try to achieve a better result than last time.

The Samyang and luminance filter yeils zillions of stars, so I decided to do a bit of star reduction to show up the nebulae a bit better.  I don;t have Starnet, so used Straton instead.

Samyang lens 135mm and Atik460EX
Taken in LumHaRGB

Taken at an Astro camp in East Sussex Bortle 4.
My second attemnpt at this target, the first was from home in Bortle 8.

Atik460EX and Samyang lens 135mm F2.8

4 hours 26m

Link to Astrobin if you want to see the original version with the zillions of stars:

The Thing

Looks a bit soft to me, might just be dust in the area, otherwise very nice.


Funny you should say that Duncan, I have just done a little bit of sharpening, and noticed a gradient, so done gradient Exterminator too.

New version and larger version link on Astrobin: