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Started by Carole, Apr 04, 2023, 15:34:49

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This was a bit of a struggle with my LP skies, First night I tried I must have needed to change the dessicant, so that was a night wasted!!!

So took another two nights (and new flats as had to remove camera to change the dessicant).
Was also a pig to process.  Best I can do with it.  Oh for nice dark skies.  Sigh.

Ha ED80 and Atik460EX 122 x 600
Ha ED72 and Atik460EX 34 x 600
Oiii ED80 9 x 300 binned x 2
Sii ED80 18 x 300 binned x 2
RGB (for the stars) 11 x 150 binned x 2

Total imaging time 10hours 20m