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I like it

Started by Carole, Aug 20, 2022, 15:11:46

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I like the replacement of the photo of "engaging lectures" in the slide screen to one of an actual lecturer at our own venue.

Disappointed I missed that one being on holiday.



Yes, I much prefer images to have actual OAS-generated content, where possible. Unfortunately that one is the wrong aspect ratio (2560 × 1795 rather than 1920 × 1010), and messes with the way the rest of the page below behaves, in some cases causing text to jump up and down.

I've experimented with ways of cropping that image, but they all seem to end up doing things like putting text over the presenter's face.


The photo of the speaker in July has vanished.



Yes. Because it wasn't the correct (1.9:1) format it was causing unpleasant effects on content lower down the page, so had to be removed. I'm waiting for a version in the correct format.