Author Topic: Missing out on the meetings? heres a great talk by Dr Robin Glover  (Read 431 times)

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Robin Glover wrote Sharpcap, an astrophotography programme.
In this lecture he discusses sub length and it's relationship to noise comparing CCD and CMOS camera performance and all noise sources.  Quite in depth, techy and interesting if your into astrophotography - 1 hour:-

There is some maths, but it comes with apologies, most of the presentation is graphical and very well presented.
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One of the most interesting talks i have seen , i very thank you for the heads up,
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Was there and saw it live but unfortunately he didn’t get to finish the whole talk, there’s another video that finishes it off.  A very interesting talk but very obviously leading towards a SharpCap plug (not that it’s a bad thing to lead to).