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IC405 & IC410 Mosaic
« on: Dec 31, 2019, 18:09:44 »
This is my first 2 pane Mosaic.  Captured in HaRGB.

This needs more data but chances are unlikely, so I have posted it for now.

The Flaming star panel had a bit more data than the Tadpoles section as it clouded over before I had finished.

Flaming star:
12 x Ha (2 hours)
RGB 15 x 150secs binned
Total 2hours 37.5mins

9 x 600secs Ha (1.5 hours)
RGB 14 x 150secs binned
Total 2hours 5mins

Grand total for the Mosaic = 4 hours 43.5 mins

Atik460EX Baader 3nm Ha filter Baader RGB filters
WOZS71 and HEQ5
Mapped HaRHaGB

Combining the panels was a bit of a challenge, as I don't have a licence for APP and prefer to use software I am familiar with if possible.  Despite doing both panels on the same evening without moving anything except the mount I was surprised to find a small amount of rotation when i tried to stitch the Ha panels together, and Registar did not want to register the panes even though there was a reasonable overlap, so had to rotate the Ha in Photoshop.  I was then able to use this merged mosaic to register the RGB files. 

Got a tip about using ICE for stitching Mosaic's together and so did a general reprocess, I think this version is better and certainly a lot easier than doing it manually.  So image replaced.

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