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Visit to the Herschels' museum in Bath

Started by Roberto, Aug 27, 2019, 15:33:02

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I came back from a short holiday yesterday and last week whilst in Bath on our way down to Cornwall, visited the Herschels' museum in the city.  Some of the members here may have been to it already but I thought I would post just in case someone has the chance to go soon.
Before discovering Uranus, William Herschel was an accomplished musician and lived in a number of cities in England including Bath. The museum is located in the house where William and his sister Caroline lived before they were commanded by the King to move closer to Windsor castle near London. You can find a description of the museum here: https://herschelmuseum.org.uk Well worth a visit if you are in town. 

Pictures below from a thread I started in the double star group at CloudyNights

On top of discovering Uranus, he discovered infrared radiation and invented an illuminated double filar micrometre. Some pictures below.

First scope (replica) with which he discovered Uranus and the garden he did it from...

Description of the "filar micrometre" and model in his workshop; where mirrors were melted, polished and silvered.

Some more instruments:


Sounds really interesting thanks for posting, if ever down that way will make a point of visiting.




Great stuff Rick. Thank you for the link!


Wonderful report, it looks like a very interesting visit.



Thanks Roberto
very interesting - will put it on my 'to visit' list.

Synta mount, a bunch of telescopes and a shed (on wheels).