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Nephew on TV Mon 8th - Scientific programme

Started by Carole, Jul 07, 2019, 09:28:21

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My Nephew who is a Dr in Oceanography is on the TV tomorrow night.  He sent me this message:

"I am on TV tomorrow night at 9pm for a major new 2-part documentary starting on More4 called 'Ghosts of the Deep: Ancient Shipwrecks' "

NB: Tomorrow Night =  Monday 8th. 

He also said "our director is the one who made the original BBC Blue Planet and Plant Earth series".

Thought I'd post it up to any of you scientifically minded people.  His Name is Dr Michael Grant.  Not sure how much he will be seen and he's not in the trailer he attached, but going to watch and video it anyway.



I understand there are two episodes, and Michael features in the 2nd episode, and not quite sure how much he features in the first one, but I got that from his sister.  Michael actually said to me he will be on the TV tomorrow night, so surely he must be in both episodes.

Further E mail from Michael:
"We have more information on the project on our website: https://blackseamap.com/

Also I'm running a twitter feed for the next two weeks with lots of information if people use this platform and are interested: https://twitter.com/BlackSeaMAP"



Well my nephew appeared briefly 5 minutes before the end of the programme at Southampton University.  However there is another episode next week and I am pretty sure my brother told me when all this was taking place that Michael was in the Black Sea, so hoping he will be on the ship next time.



Will try and find it on catch up TV, sounds interesting.