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Former NASA Engineer teaches thieves a lesson

Started by Carole, Dec 18, 2018, 20:49:46

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One of the best videos i have seen in a long time..thanks Carole,
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Quote from: Carole
This was posted on SGL so I thought I'd share with you.


Brilliant!!  I love the way the bad guys end up dumping the device so it can be reused again (and again).


Glad you both enjoyed it, I thought it was brilliant too and as you say it can be tracked collected and re-used. 

Just wish he's used something that would have perhaps stained their faces, or the fart spray had had something liquid in it so they walked around stinking all day.



Coincidently just watched this on digital news ~ what a great revenge prank!

Loved it that most opened it in their car ~ will take them ages to get that glitter out of all the little nooks and gaps, etc.  I knew someone that got married and discovered that the 'best men' had put masses of confetti in his car and he said that some was still coming out of the air vents years later when he sold it!