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K3CCD Tools
« on: Nov 20, 2004, 01:24:00 »
Hi all,
I just uploaded the newest K3CCDTools version 2.2.4 to my website:
If you have previous version (2.1 and higher), I recommend to install it over your currently installed version (to the same directory).
If you decide to install it to the different directory, then I recommend to copy your ini files from your previous directory to the new directory.
If your previous version is lower than 2.1, then you will need the new registration key (provided for free to registered users).
If you already have 2.1 and higher, then your key is OK.
The new version has a lot of enhancements in comparison to version 2.1.3.
You can read about new features here:
The main enhancements are:
* Long exposure autoguiding
* Intelligent port output - K3CCDTools uses only necessary bits of parallel ports
* Support for 2 long exposure cameras via 1 parallel port
* Meade LPI direct support (including exposure length) - capturing and autoguiding
* Autoguiding - support for new Meade LX200GPS command set (pulse-guide)
* Autoguiding - support for ST4 interface (parallel port)
* Parallel port monitor - for easier checking of parallel port problems
* Enhanced Dark Frame processing, enhanced Averaged Surround algorithm
* Enhanced FIT16 support
A, now it is possible to save and export files in two 16-bit formats - signed and unsigned. Some other astronomy programs can work only with one of 16-bit formats, so now you can choose export formats, which will best match your demands
B, if summing/stack result values exceed 16-bit range (i.e. -32768..+32767 for signed FIT16 and 0..65535 for unsigned FIT16), then the values are recalculated so they fit the FIT format range
C, From the point B it results, that you can use K3CCDTools now also for conversion 32-bit FITs into 16-bit FITs or from FIT16 signed to FIT16 unsigned and vice-versa. This is very useful, when you want use your results saved in FIT32 in programs which support only FIT16.
* Enhanced Video Capture Timer in VFW mode - now the application window is refreshed regularly and when you switch to other application and then return back, you will see the live window.
* Now it's possible to capture/preview a single long exposure frame with SAC8 (by using the "Play" button in LX dialog, when Preview is off)
* Updated help file
* finally added "?" button in Drift Explorer which displays hints for Drift Polar Alignment. The hints are divided into 2 sections - for North and South hemisphere.

Fixed problems:
* fixed compatibility problem with Asian Windows versions
* default capture location changed from the application directory to personal "My Documents" folder
* changed the default capture file name from CCDCap to K3CCD - it's only "cosmetic" change
* fixed problem of exporting 16-bit TIFF files to 16-bit FIT files and some other minor bugs
* guiding interval now works properly in WDM mode and also in VFW mode when Low Priority Guiding is not checked
* further enhanced port management for Windows NT, 2000 and XP
* uninstallation now properly uninstalls Permanent NT port driver installation and also K3CCDTools2.ini, K3CCDTools3.ini ... files
Sorry for long text, but I wanted to have it all together (on my web page there are mentioned detaily only some enhancements).
Clear skies,