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Title: DSC dates for 2018
Post by: Carole on Dec 05, 2017, 11:23:57
Seeing Doug's post re observing dates for 2018, reminded me I should do the same regarding the DSC dates for 2018 for those who didn't buy a calendar.

All at Cairds campsite East Sussex

March 16 - 18th
May 11 - 13th
July 13 - 15th*
August 10 - 12th*
October 5 - 7th

These camps* we may have to book and pay for these to reserve the spaces.  The only alternative would be to go to another site where there would be hoards of public and lights even if we can find one without booking in advance and still get hook up such as Blacklands.  Running Water is now being managed by Len's daughter and we would have to book and pay in advance there too. 

If any-one has a better idea for the peak months please let me know.

I did have a discussion with Tuesnoad some time ago, and he reckons he could relay some power cables for us.  If any-one wants to give that a try instead.

Put the dates in your diaries peeps, so we can have a nice gathering at DSC.  I have 2 new people now attending (maybe 3) to help boost the numbers.