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Title: How to submit images to the OAS Gallery
Post by: Rick on Jun 18, 2015, 11:39:36
If you want to share your astrophotographic images with a wider audience, then why not submit them to the OAS gallery?

To submit images you will need to be a member of the O.A.S. and have a member's account on the Gallery system. If you are an O.A.S. member and want an account on the Gallery then please ask Ian or Rick to set one up for you.

Once you have logged into the Gallery you will see an "Upload files" menu option. Click on it. The default upload method uses Flash™ but there is also a simple single-file upload form. Choose the one you want using the drop-down at the top right of the box.

Either way, the first thing you have to do is select an Album. If the image is one you're just putting up so you can link it in the forum for folk to have a quick look, then scroll to the bottom of the list of albums and find your personal "Previews" one. Otherwise, choose the most appropriate of the public albums.

Then select the image file(s).
Please avoid putting text in the images themselves. A date, time and your name is fine, but explanations in the image can be hard to read; use the file description field instead. It also helps to give the image file a meaningful name to cut down on the risk of file-name collisions and make the archive easier to manage. you could:
The simple file uploader will let you choose just one, and won't upload it until you click the "Upload" button. The multiple file uploader will upload each file as you go, so you can upload more than one at a time, and click "Continue" when you've selected them all.

You'll then be asked to provide some information about each image. There are fields for various bits of information. Most of them are fairly obvious, but a few are not:
When you've entered sufficient information, which should include dates, times, locations, instrument details, and so on, click "Apply Changes" (or "Upload" if you're using the single-file uploader).

Note: The copyright of your image remains with you, but by submitting it to the OAS Gallery, we assume you are giving us permission to use it on the OAS websites.

FAQ: How do I move my images from my Previews and Works in Progress album to one of the public albums?