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Started by Carole, Oct 12, 2009, 18:51:38

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Just noticed I only have 15 more posts to do and I'm up to my 1000.

I also noticed that I used to be Galaxy class and am now cluster class.
Rick has there been new categorisation? If so what's the class groups now?



     Having said that, Carole, I have just noticed that I have been demoted to Star class and a  few other people have also been demoted.    :cry:

    Wot`s goin` on, Rick ???????????   :o



Always look on the bright side of life ...


hmm, i did wonder if my messing around would cause some comment... A couple of weeks ago i upped the various limits and added a few more for the really verbose members. Don't forget, it doesn't *mean* anything. :-)


...and because I'm an even sadder b*****d I've tweaked them a little more. Round numbers are so last century. They're all prime now...  :twisted:


Oh, and while I'm about it, I'll move a few things that got put under Chat into more appropriate places...