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FAQ: How big can files in the gallery be?

Started by Mike, Jul 29, 2008, 15:45:17

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Rick is there some kind of limit imposed on file upload sizes?
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Yes. There are limits on the sizes of files uploaded to the gallery.

The maximum file size is 8 MiB.

Image files can be jpg, png or gif, up to 3200 pixels square. (Note the absence of bmp format!)

Movie files can be wmv, avi or mov.

Audio files can be mp3 or ogg (but I can't see much use for them unless someone starts doing radio astronomy).

Raw data files can be txt, rtf, pdf, fits, raw, or tiff.

Restrictions can be changed. How big is the file in question?


There's an additional problem with images (but not raw data files). The images need to have a thumbnail, and if they're over a certain size, an intermediate image as well. With images over a certain size, one or both of these steps may fail. I think (but can't yet prove) that's because PowWeb's using an old old version of ImageMagick which seems to have some in-built limit. I've not been able to find out exactly what the limit is, but I have established that it's under 4 million pixels (because 1999x1999 fails), somewhere between 2300x1718 (which works) and 2300x1793 (which doesn't), at least for Robert's greyscale image...


I've given ImageMagick the heave-ho and switched to GD 2.x for the time being. This may introduce other problems, but at least it seems to work with bigger images than ImageMagick...

Simon E

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Was there a website that coverts your txt to the image.
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Quote from: astrowars on Sep 07, 2009, 11:04:23Was there a website that coverts your txt to the image.
Oh, there are plenty of websites which will produce QRs, but I just installed qrencode. My icon changes with the weather, phase of the Moon, or climate, depending...