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New Question? New Topic Please!

Started by Rick, Oct 17, 2007, 11:23:57

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There are helpful comments and not so helpful ones. This thread has headed firmly into not-so-helpful territory more than once, which is less-than-ideal, particularly in this section of the forum...



Does it really matter, this is suppose to be a club chat forum not a policitally correct court of law.  This is why I often go off meandering as I can't really see why we need to be so strict.

I agree with Mike, if it's his own post he should be allowed to post things on his own thread.


N.B.  Will you all stop picking on me!!! I'm getting a complex. 


The thread belongs to the topic, not any particular person.*1

Sometimes threads wander, and up to a point there's no harm in it. In, say, Chat, long meandering semi-random threads are usually fine, but in the more focused sections like PC Helpline and all the bits of the Astronomy block it makes information harder to re-discover a while down the line if the threads drift too much.

...and meta-discussions like this one are prime thread-splitting stuff, as they have absolutely nothing to do with the original topic.

*1 ...and any thread (outside Chat) which has its topic defined as something deliberately self-referential like "My stuff" will quite likely get edited.