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Gallery "keywords" are actually album cross-links

Started by Rick, Sep 20, 2007, 21:28:43

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This is a bit of Coppermine idiocy strangeness...

QuoteKeywords is mis-named. It allows you to place an image in other secondary albums. Each album has its own "keyword", and your image will appear in any album for which it has the matching "keyword". Each of the main albums has a note of its "keyword" in its description.

To make this clearer, the O.A.S gallery has had "keyword" changed to "link-word".

The main "link-words" which work are:

  • Asteroid
  • Aurora
  • Camp
  • Comet
  • Data
  • Eclipse
  • Event
  • Galaxy
  • Jupiter
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Messier
  • Meteor
  • Misc
  • Moon
  • Nebula
  • Neptune
  • Obs
  • Outing
  • Process
  • Satellite
  • Saturn
  • Scope
  • Star
  • Sun
  • Venus

Each user also has a private album with a "link-word" usually matching the username.

The gallery's search can look at any of the fields in the description. If you think an image needs keywords (in the more normal sense of "a word useful for identifying...") then use them in the title or somewhere in the description, and a search will find them.

Please note you do not need to put terms into the "link-words" section to make the term searchable because the gallery search looks at titles and descriptions. You only really need to use "link-words" if you want an image to show up in more than one album. (Yes, I know I've said that twice in different ways...)

By the way, it's worth remembering that the visibility of linked files (ones that have an album's "link-word" in their "link-words" section) is controlled by the settings of the album they're in. If you use a "link-word" to link an image from your Previews and Works-in-Progress to a public album then you will be the only person able to see it in the public album.


This has been causing way too much confusion. I've taken the plunge and changed the nomenclature to match the function.

"Keywords" are no more.

"Link-words" is the new term.


Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
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Quote from: Mac
can we have a link-word for pluto please.

There is one already. Pluto belongs in the "Asteroids and Dwarf Planets" album which has the link-word "Asteroid". Therefore the link-word for Pluto is "Asteroid". 8)

There is one (and only one*1) link-word for each individual gallery album.  :twisted:

You only need to enter a link-word if you want your image to be visible in more than one album. There's no need to enter the link-word for an image's primary album, and random words in the link-word field which do not refer to any album are a waste of space.

*1 Insert appropriate Highlander quote if required...


Quote from: Rick on Apr 22, 2009, 18:13:31random words in the link-word field which do not refer to any album are a waste of space

I've cleaned out quite a few recently. I've also finally re-applied the "Keyword" to "Link-word" change...