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FAQ: I'm not getting notifications of answers to posts

Started by Fay, Jun 04, 2007, 20:51:33

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I don't think I am always receiving any notification of any addition to a post that I may have put a comment on, or started.

Is anyone else getting this problem?

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Check to see how your profile is set:

Click on PROFILE in the menu bar at the top. That should take you to your profile page.
Look to the side for an option under Modify Profile saying Notifications and Email and click on it.
Check (or un-check) the appropriate boxes, and click Save Settings

There are more options than the old forum had, and the conversion script I used to move them to the new one has guessed you'd want fewer rather than more.

The options SMF offers are:

  • Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.
  • Receive reply notification only for the first unread reply.
  • Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic.
  • When sending notification of a reply to a topic, send the post in the email (but please don't reply to these emails.)
  • For topics and boards I've requested notification on, notify me of: (Selections below)

The conversion script chose to check the first two and leave the last two turned off. If you want useful email notifications you probably want to turn the second option off and the third and fourth options on.

The last option gives you four choices:

  • Replies and moderation
  • Moderation only if I started the topic
  • Only replies
  • Nothing at all

You probably want to pick the first, or maybe the third. The last one turns notifications off.

Below this there will be a couple of lists, of the topics you've asked to be notified about, and of the boards you're asking for notifications from. You can turn notifications for any board or thread on or off by scrolling to the end of the page and clicking on the NOTIFY option.


When you reply to a topic and you want to get notifications, open up the Additional Options section underneath the compose window by clicking on the , and make sure the Notify me of replies option is checked.

If you want to see which topics you are watching, you'll find them all listed in your PROFILE. Click on Notifications and Email under Modify Profile...