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Astronaut William Anders who captured iconic 'Earthrise' image dies

Started by Rick, Jun 08, 2024, 08:18:02

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Astronaut William Anders who captured iconic 'Earthrise' image dies in plane crash

The 90-year-old former astronaut who took one of the most famous pictures of all time in a daring mission to orbit the moon has died. The plane he was piloting crashed into waters.

More: https://news.sky.com/story/astronaut-william-anders-who-captured-iconic-earthrise-image-dies-in-plane-crash-13149698


We were staying with my father's parents for Christmas in 1968, on their farm in the Rift Valley. There was no mains electricity, and certainly no television, but there was a large battery-powered valve receiver on a table in the living room, and we listened to a live radio broadcast of the re-entry of Apollo 8, with the tensest part of the broadcast being the brief period when the plasma around the capsule prevented radio communication between crew and mission control.