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M 5 Globular cluster in Serpens

Started by The Thing, May 25, 2024, 13:10:12

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The Thing

Only 7x120s at unity gain and temperature of 0C. The other 30 subs were marred by clouds and by mount vibrations from my old NEQ6 blurring everything or periodic error issues or just plain old inaccurate guiding, this mount is a bit rough despite belt drive and upgraded bearings. Liberal use of BlurExterminator turned it into a fair image.

Image date, time and location: 2024-05-24 00:00. Manche.France
Telescope aperture and focal ratio: Teleskop Service ClassicCassegrain 8" f12 fl 2463mm
Camera and filters used: QH294PROC OSC, Svbony UVIR
Processing applied: DeepSkyStacker, PixInsight, Affinity Photo


Amazingly good and noise free for only 14 minutes. 

The Thing

Thanks Carole. Noise Exterminator is a wonderful thing, as is a little Gaussian Blur on an over-sharpened image :unicorn:

A new trick for this image was to apply a depth of field filter in Affinity Photo to push back the smaller stars and make the brighter foreground one more prominent. Make the glob look more 3D. You can put this one in the competition if you like, full res is on the gallery.