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Sh2-240 / Simeis 147 / SNR G180.0-01.7 - The Spaghetti Nebula in Taurus - HaRGB

Started by Roberto, Jan 20, 2024, 22:05:05

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Hello All

The last few clear nights allowed me to finish this project before the arrival of Storm Isha.  This is a 2x2 mosaic of "The Spaghetti Nebula" which lies between Taurus and Auriga.   It's a huge object and the panorama below spans 5 full Moons across by 4 down...

Sh2-240, Simeis 147, SNR G180.0-01.7 - The Spaghetti Nebula in Taurus - HaRGB - 2x2 mosaic

Details here:  https://www.astrobin.com/0k3vxg/C/ and for Ha-only version see here:  https://www.astrobin.com/quyukd/C/

Dates: 15 Nov 2023, 18 - 19 Nov 2023, 9 - 10 Dec 2023, 19 - 20 Dec 2023, 9 - 11 Jan 2024 and 15 - 18 Jan 2024
Frames: OSC - 349×300″(29h 5′)
Ha - Astrodon H-alpha 5nm 50x50 mm: 100×1200″(33h 20′)
Integration: 62h 25′

The Ha mosaic was 22030 x 15947 pixels and I couldn't upload it to Astrobin because of its size...so link below to a 75% resolution full frame.


And in 75% resolution size:  https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/KEJZau2CPFRQ_16536x0_UyysOTOH.jpg


Full resolution: https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/SbZX0jEX0i8p_16536x0_UyysOTOH.jpg

Annotated: https://www.astrobin.com/0k3vxg/0/



Glad you got (and were able to use) some clear nights at last. That's a fascinating object. :)


Well done Roberto.  As you say it is huge and also very faint.  I managed to get it a few years ago with my Samyang lens.

But 62 hours,  mamma mia!!!! 

This will go in February presentation as l already sent January to Raf.


Dave A

The Thing