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Quadrantids, night of 3rd-4th January 2024 from Dursley, Gloucestershire

Started by Rick, Jan 05, 2024, 11:08:51

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This is a filtered tracked stack of the Quadrantid meteors captured by my Global Meteor Network cameras on the night of 2024 January 3rd to 4th. The night started oud cloudy, but the sky was clear for about six hours overall, mostly after midnight, and the cameras are also capable of catching meteors in gaps in the clouds so long as they can see enough stars to calibrate the images. One camera recorded 260 Quadrantids and the other recorded 234, but the camera fields overlap a bit so some of those meteors will have been caught by both cameras.

Gallery link...

The Thing

Very nice, makes you realise how busy it is up there - one imagine clear skies are empty air!


To be fair, it isn't like that every night, but can be when there's a major shower on. Geminids and Perseids can also be quite lively. ;)