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Geminids between 2023 Dec 9 at 17:47 and Dec 15 at 05:02 from Dursley

Started by Rick, Dec 18, 2023, 16:01:24

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This is a multi-night track-stack of the Geminid meteors captured by my two Global Meteor Network cameras between 2023 December 9th at 17:47 UTC and 2023 December 15th at 05:02 UTC. Only frames containing Geminids have contributed to this stack, though there may be one of two other meteors because they happened during the same ten-second time window as a Geminid. 697 frames went into this stack. Each of those had at least one Geminid on it, but some of them had two or more. However, the fields of view of the two cameras overlap, so some meteors will have been caught by both cameras. That makes it quite tricky to work out exactly how many meteors there are in this image.

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