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Meteors 2023 November 24 17:15 to 25 06:28 with fireball

Started by Rick, Dec 01, 2023, 15:15:51

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This is a tracked stack of the meteors captured by my two Global Meteor Network cameras on the night of 24th to 25th November 2023. According to the preliminary analysis more than half of the meteors shown are sporadics, but there are also several Leonids, Southern chi Orionids and November Orionids, and a few alpha Monocerids, sigma Hydrids, omicron Eridanids and Andromedids. The brightest one arrived at 05:53.55 and has had its orbit determined. It turned out to be a tau Taurid with an absolute magnitude brighter than -8.

Gallery link
2023 November 24th 17:15 UTC to 25th 06:28 UTC from Dursley, Gloucestershire
Two Sony IMX291 cameras with 4mm lenses
Global Meteor Network RMS multi-camera tracked stack