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Bahtinov Mask

Started by Dave A, Aug 04, 2023, 17:25:29

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Dave A

I was looking to get a Bahtinov mask- although for planetary observing and imaging I have read that a Bahtinov mask is not really needed, any one have an opinion on this ?
However, still may get one if I start looking at stars and galaxies more


Bahtinov Masks are good for getting good focus on stars and thus anything else in the sky will be in focus.  No good for planetary imaging though. 

Dave A

Hi Carole
Yes that's what I thought- no good and not needed for planetary
I may still get one if I observe stars and galaxies a bit more


Not expensive and will be useful some if the time. 


The Thing

Easy to make one.


And your then sure your in focus even if your eyes seem tell you otherwise!

Happy observing and clear skies :)


I tried to make one once but too fiddly.  They are so cheap to buy it is not really worth the effort unless you like the challenge or like making things. 

Some 3D print them. 

The Thing

Easiest is a Y mask. Literally 3 prongs and your done. Works just like a Bahtinov without the fiddle.

And yes I 3d print mine these days. My first B mask was a pizza base to go on my 8" SCT. Second version was cut from a Wickes tub lid that fitted the scope nicely.

My Y is 3 strips of aluminium with a screw at the centre so it folds and the angles can be set to give a good diffraction pattern.

Dave A

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for the heads up on the how to make mask- I may have a go- but if too fiddley I will buy one cheap enough anyway