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A quick introduction

Started by RobertFinlay, Jul 29, 2022, 07:38:19

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Hi, I'm Robert and I joined the OAS back in January 2022.  It has taken me 6 months to find the forum due to technical reasons and I'm very pleased that I joined the society enjoying both the observation meetings in Otford and presentations in Petts Wood.

I live just outside of Bromley and the first lock-down provided me the extra time to observe the night sky after being intrigued by the occultation of Saturn and Jupiter and Elon Musk's Sky Train in 2020. 

I bought my first scope in March 2021 and it didn't take me long to begin exploring the solar system and see the wonders of the night sky but I was curious to find out more and the OAS seemed the perfect fit for what I was looking for both educationally and socially.

Since purchasing the telescope, I have upgraded it with special lenses and recording equipment and I am now starting to get reasonable images that I will share on the forum over the coming months.

During the 6 months with the OAS, I have already met some fascinating members of the society and enjoyed some fantastic presentations by members and guests.  I look forward to some great evenings observing and sharing knowledge and meeting more of you over the coming years.

Hoping for clear skies!


Hi Robert

Really glad to hear you are enjoying the society and that we finally have you on the Forum.

I've been a member for quite a few years now and have never regretted joining.




Welcome Robert, looks like we are going to have another imager on board.  Make sure you check with us before buying any imaging equipment.



Thanks Carole and Hugh,

I have a few planetary imaging projects coming up soon including Saturn, Jupiter and Mars with oppositions for all 3 over the next 4 months so hoping that will provide some decent pictures to put up in the house.  I'm very happy with a few of my moon shots so a collage is being built for moon, planets and eventually galaxies / nebulae when I have the right equipment.
Venus is my current project but getting up half way through the night to get to a place I can observe and image it has been problematic when working. I might see if there's a view in the back-garden as my last outing at the weekend proved the planet to be in an unexpected location from where I thought it should be but clouds got in the way before I could re-adjust my setup.  See you over the coming months where maybe we can discuss more.  All the best.