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NGC6914 Reflection Nebula

Started by ApophisAstros, Jul 07, 2022, 14:02:26

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Imaged from 15th to 22nd of June in about 3 sessions.
Updated the image with much better stars.
Imaging Telescopes William Optics Redcat 51
Imaging Cameras Atik 460EX Mono
Mounts Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro
Filters Baader Blue · Baader H-alpha 35nm · Baader O-III 4.5nm · Baader Red · Baader S-II 4.5nm
Software Adobe Photoshop · Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight
Eagle3s Control unit.

Acquisition details
            Baader H-alpha 35nm: 26x900" (6h 30') -15°C bin 1x1
            Baader O-III 4.5nm: 23x300" (1h 55') -15°C bin 2x2
            Baader S-II 4.5nm : 20x300" (1h 40') -15°C bin 2x2
            Baader Red: 14x300" (1h 10') -15°C bin 2x2
            Baader Blue: 13x300" (1h 5') -15°C bin 2x2

Integration:12h 20'
Flat darks:16

RedCat51,QHYCCD183,Atik460EX,EQ6-R.Tri-Band OSC,BaaderSII1,25" 4.5nm,Ha3.5nm,Oiii3.5nm.


You've worked hard on this Roger, and on the whiole you have produced a very good image - subject to the comments I already discussed with you.

It was good also to include the "space shuttle nebula".