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IC63 Widefield

Started by Carole, Jun 25, 2022, 14:14:49

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Took this on Summer solstice over two nights (must be mad!!!) there are few targets left I can do from home. 

Wanted to get a widefield of it to reveal the sweep of Ha below the main feature:

Atik460EX and Samyang Lens 135mm @ F2.8 on HEQ5
Ha 18 x 600
Red 4 x 200 binned
Green 4 x 200 binned
Blue 6 x 150 binned

Total imaging time -  Almost 4 hours


This is great!  This is a difficult target with Gamma Cas being so bright; I always get reflections no matter where I place it.  Well done indeed!




As a non-imager quite like this as the star seems to be illuminating the nebula ~ alternatively, the nebula looks like some sort of serpent about to eat the star!

Gosh, Pareidolia strikes again! I have an imaginative mind!!

- Hugh :D


It certainly is illuminating the nebula and quite difficult to control when imaging. 

Normally people take a close up of this so the serpent is not obvious.  Pareidolia plays a big role in naming these objects (though sometimes l can't see how the inage got it's name). This one is often called the Ghost of Cassiopeia.



RedCat51,QHYCCD183,Atik460EX,EQ6-R.Tri-Band OSC,BaaderSII1,25" 4.5nm,Ha3.5nm,Oiii3.5nm.