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Forum software update

Started by Rick, May 06, 2022, 09:01:25

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There's a new version of the forum software available. It's quite a big update, and does change a few things fairly significantly, so I figure a little warning would be a good idea.

I'm still tweaking a few things. I'll try to get it looking not too different, but there are a few significant layout changes. You'll see them when it happens. It'll be a few days yet...

When the update happens you may need to log out, clear your forum cookies, and then log back in again to get the new version to behave nicely.

The Thing

Thanks Rick. System updates can be a nightmare, hope this won't cause jams on the M20 ;)
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This one has a certain "Now where the *bleep* did they put that?" with added "Where the *boing* did that come from?". There are quite a few places where they've added options to show/hide some things, and one or two places where they've fixed things that used  to be choices. Mostly, it makes sense, though...

...and it seems (from the brief tests I've done so far) to be much more usable on a small screen.


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I've updated the Galley this morning.

I'm planning to do the Forum update tomorrow morning.
It will be in maintenance mode during the process.


Update complete, I hope. Please report any issue in this thread in Updates and Upsets.

If you can't log in to post anything, then please email me using "rick" at the OAS domain....


Just logged in for the first time since update.  Looking OK so far. 


Just tried to do a quick edit, which didn't save. 

It was to say I could not find the messages button.



Sorry found the messages button now.



Quote from: Carole on May 11, 2022, 16:20:40Sorry found the messages button now.

Yeah, all the login-related stuff (login, logout, profile stuff, private messages, alerts, etc.) has moved up to that bar along the top, along with the quick search. However, the advanced search is still in the main menu bar.